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Recycling Policies in UK

On July 9th, 2012, Posted by Author No Comments

How are the recycling policies in UK useful?

recycling policies in UK 1Recycling policies in UK make it mandatory that recycling of waste and conservation of resources is observed by all the local councils. Recycling is useful in many ways, especially for sustaining the environment. By recycling, the waste resources are made use of again in place of fresh ones and thus prevent the over-exploitation of natural resources.

Secondly, the waste dumping on land and water bodies is lessened to a certain extent and prevents degradation of land and water due to the pollution. Moreover, recycling helps a lot in decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases from reaching the upper atmosphere and destroying the ozone layer that prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth. Waste management and recycling in UK provides employment opportunities for 120,000 to 150,000 people.

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What are the recycling policies in UK?

The recycling policies in UK are aimed at improving the entire recycling procedure in relation to the quantity of recycling that is carried out and the efficiency of the numerous recycling techniques used. Thus, the domestic recycling policies in UK recycling policy are directed to boosting recycling rates in all the counties and enhancing the effectiveness of the recycling process. The main underpinnings of these policies comprise of various EU directives such as the 1999 EU Landfill Directive and the EU Waste Framework Directive.

recycling policies in UK 2That being the case, the government of UK still allows a lot of leeway to the local councils in the methods of recycling that they want to adopt. Because of this, different councils have different ways of collecting the waste. Some councils follow the one-box system where all the waste is dumped together (known as ‘co-mingling’) and later separated at waste separating plants known as Mirfs or material recovery facilities. Others follow multiple-box systems where each box is meant for a particular kind of waste (like glass, paper, and metal) and the householders have to separate the waste and place them in the particular boxes. Also, the timings for the collection of waste are different at different places, such as weekly, fortnightly and so on.

What are the issues facing the recycling policies in UK?

The recycling policies in UK regarding the collection of waste by different methods are facing legal challenges from industry-backed campaign groups. Some of the manufacturing industries that use recycled material, such as bottles and aluminium are against the co-mingling waste collection that is done in some places. They argue that this type of collection is against the spirit and technical demands of the EU law. On the other hand, the residents are against the use of too many types of boxes that lead to confusion and even loss as they are fined if they place the waste in the wrong bin. Moreover, it also impedes the maximisation of recycling. Another issue of contention is the fortnightly collection of waste that leads to odour and other hygiene problems.

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