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Reading Intervention

On July 11th, 2012, Posted by Author No Comments

What is Reading Intervention?

reading intervention 1Reading intervention refers to the special strategies that are used to improve the reading skills of children who are below the average in reading when compared to other children of their age group. Reading intervention can be used in the normal classrooms, special resource rooms or at home. Reading Intervention is usually an assignment writing topic for all students of Education and if you are looking for some custom help on this topic, visit our website.

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What are the different types of reading intervention?

reading intervention 2There are various types of reading intervention that are being used in reading improvement programmes. The most commonly used reading intervention strategies are: guided reading, the directed reading activity, book clubs, Reading Recovery, word study, patterned language approach, process drama, author’s chair, literature circles, K-W-L, word maps, graphic organisers, PORPE, echo reading, and performance assessment (Tierney & Readence, 2000).

How effective is reading intervention in improving long-term reading skills?

There have been many studies conducted to find the effectiveness of the reading intervention strategies. For instance, Clay (1982, 1991, 1993) tested the long-term effectiveness of two of the common reading intervention strategies: Reading Recovery and phonological training. He found that the Reading Recovery programme was more effective in the long-term, although both the tested strategies improved the short-term and medium term reading skills. Shanahan & Barr (1995), while admitting to the improvement of reading skills in the children using the Reading recovery programme, felt that the benefits accrued came at a great expense and other cheaper methods were available.

What are reasons for poor reading skills in children needing reading intervention?

Research has shown that a variety of factors influence the reading skills of children, such as lack of effective teaching to read using phonological or other methods that impedes the development of phonological awareness in six year old children just starting school. This problem persists well into their teens and causes problems with other learning skills for which a large amount of reading is needed. In addition, there are also other non-cognitive factors that can cause problems in reading skills development like their pleasure of reading, the expectations or skill of their teachers, the encouragement from their parents and family members, and the reinforcement from their peers. Even the teacher’s choice of the student for reading in the classroom has an effect in improving reading and acts adversely if the student is consistently not chosen (Ofstead, 2004).

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