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Local and Global Pollution Problems

On June 14th, 2012, Posted by Author No Comments

Local and Global Pollution Problems is an important subject for a future economist and decision maker and also one of the coursework writing topics set for students of Economics and Marketing. Here is a short sample of the topic. If you need a full assignment writing on this or other topics, our coursework help is ready to prepare papers suited to your specifications. Approach our assignment help for all your writing needs.

local and global pollution problemsPollution problems at the local level can also affect at the global level. This is a short study of how local pollution affects global environment and creates further problems such as global climate change, greenhouse effect and so on. Pollution problems have plagued the earth ever since the industrial revolution took off in a big way and spread to all corners of the earth. Burning fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum and industrial effluents and waste that pollute air, water and land bodies and makes them unfit for human life.

What can be done to mitigate these pollution problems? It has to be remembered that local pollution such as air pollution is closely linked to climate change at the global level as both these aspects are connected to the ways in which energy is produced and consumed. Because of this link between the local and global pollution problems, it is possible to evolve integrated economic policies that can create benefits at the local as well as global levels. Moreover, the local air pollution reduction is an easier and more manageable and when the snowballing effect of many such programmes would ultimately bring in benefits as the global level too.

The analysis of the local and global pollution problems is seldom done in tandem although they have many features in common. The few studies that have been undertaken have demonstrated the cost benefit analysis of the manner in which both the local and global pollution problems can be tackled together and the costs and benefits of the combined strategies and technologies utilised can be balanced more effectively. For instance, by making use of a particular technology that is effective in reducing the particulate emissions at the local level the total carbon dioxide emissions can be contained and ultimately be a factor in mitigating the global climate change. In another way, some strategies that are adopted to bring in improvement in the quality of the environment over the long-term could result in also improving the environment in the short-term.

Hence, it is of immediate importance that the policies that address pollution control should be designed in such a way as to cover both the local and global pollution problems. In this way, not only will the local pollution problems be controlled, but there will also be the added benefits to the global climate change problem.

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