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Employee Coaching and Mentoring

On June 27th, 2012, Posted by Author No Comments

What is employee coaching and mentoring?

employee coaching and mentoringEmployee coaching and mentoring is one of the most important tasks of a successful manager. Employee coaching and mentoring should be part of continuous management practices and the manager has to integrate coaching and mentoring techniques to the other aspects of human resource management practices.

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What are the steps for conducting employee coaching and mentoring?

Employee coaching and mentoring can be done through the following ten steps:

  1. Delegation: employee coaching and mentoring can be done through delegation that is to assign tasks to the employee. But mere assigning is not enough, it is important to set the parameters within which the work has to be carried out, provide whatever supporting activities as and when needed, conduct periodical progress reviews make it clear to the employee what type of outcomes are expected.
  2. Performance feedback: performance feedback in employee coaching and mentoring provides the employee with the observations of the manager in a direct and objective manner. These feedbacks have to be specific to the task delegated, conveyed in a frank and straightforward manner. The positive as well as the negative performance endeavours have to be communicated.
  3. Motivation: motivation is necessary to improve the performance of the employee and keep the employee focussed on the job at hand as part of employee coaching and mentoring. Motivation can be done through opportune recognition of excellence in the job and also by providing constructive and productive tasks that are challenging as well as essential to the business requirements.
  4. Mentoring: mentoring is the encouragement offered to employees through sharing experiences and well-chosen expressions that would help in improving the behaviour of the employees as well as in resolving their difficulties.
  5. Employee Performance Focus: the employee performance focus is not set only by the manager, but decided on in a collaborative manner with the employee included. Setting the objectives that are the targets, along with delineating the chief steps to reach those objectives are the factors of employee coaching and mentoring to concentrate on.
  6. Setting Meaningful Objectives: Describing the outcomes that have to be achieved and the manner by which the objectives will be assessed are important to keep the employee interested and focussed on the job.
  7. Evaluation of Employee Performance: It is important to conduct regularly-paced one-on-one evaluation of employee performance in order to maintain the priorities up-to-date and part of employee coaching and mentoring.
  8. Aiding Career Development: the growth of the employee in terms of career and future progress can be explained by preparing the employees through appropriate training and work assignments. It is essential in employee coaching and mentoring to continuously enhance the skills and capabilities of the employees for their career growth.
  9. Training: On-the-job training through stage by stage coaching as well as through observations and practicing skills and procedures are an important part of training.
  10. Reinforcement: emphasising good quality performance and positive behaviours is as important as pointing out unsatisfactory performance.

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