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Crisis of Multiculturalism

On July 11th, 2012, Posted by Author No Comments

What is Crisis of Multiculturalism?

crisis of multiculturalismThe Crisis of Multiculturalism mainly refers to the new issues that have arisen in Western countries as a result of the immigration of Eastern and people of other cultural backgrounds to earn their livelihood amongst them. The issues concerning people of ‘other’ cultures and their way of life are found undesirable by the Western Europeans and Americans which countries have large multicultural populations. This crisis of multiculturalism has escalated especially after the 9/11 World Trade Centre barracks. Crisis in Multiculturalism is a module in that is often a topic for assignment writing. If you like this sample, you may visit us and order a custom assignment.

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This and other smaller incidents have made the culture of people of other countries, especially that Muslims and Middle East and Asian people. Earlier the issues were between people of different races, colour and religions, and were dubbed racism. Racism is now considered illegal and abhorrent in most countries. Yet, multiculturalism, which is based on the integration of people of different cultures living together and appreciating each other’s culture and lifestyles, is under attack from liberalists who see multiculturalism as being a ‘separatist’ question. Anti-multiculturalist views are on the rise and even affecting government policies and regulations that are observed to be affecting the basic rights of the people from other cultures.

Crisis in Multiculturalism: Main issues and debates

Some of the chief issues in the recent past have been much debated in the media and discussed by academicians have been highlighted here:

France banned the wearing of the hijab by Muslim women and girls in public saying that it was against the secular nature of the country. In the same manner, the Irish government proscribed Sikhs from wearing turbans. There are also other regulations and policies that affect the people of other countries who work and live in these countries, such as, the policies of the British government to build houses that are meant only for the ‘local British people, meaning that others will be kept out of such areas.

How does the crisis of multiculturalism affect the people who have migrated to these countries?

The crisis of multiculturalism may be exaggerated or blown out of proportion by the media, but there are some effects felt by the people of minority cultures: their traditions and lifestyles are threatened and they are sometimes forced to follow the ways of the adopted country; they are subject to several social, economic and political injustices that prevent them from living their lives as they wish; their cultural values and habits are derided and shown in an undesirable light; they have to undergo discriminative assessments such as citizenship tests, integration courses, and community cohesion plans.

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