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Article Critique Writing

On June 29th, 2012, Posted by Author No Comments

What is Article Critique Writing?

article critique Article Critique writing is usually the requirements in most institutions of higher education. Article critique means to write a criticism of an article written by a standard author and pointing out the positive and negative qualities of the article from the point of view of the student who is reviewing the paper.

Coursework writing in university and college also includes article critique writing. Although each course and institution has its own requirements and formats for article critique writing, there are some general guidelines that can be followed by all students who are asked to do article critique writing. Our assignment help service has put together these guidelines to help you with your assignment writing in article critique writing. Our coursework help is always ready to offer opportune solutions to your article critique writing problems. Visit our website to order a custom critique like this one.

What are the steps in Article Critique writing?

There are four main steps in Article Critique writing: Selection of the article, Reading the article, Writing the critique, and revising the written work for any errors.

Selection of the article to be critiqued: this is an important step and needs a lot of attention and skill. Some tutors specify certain types of articles to be selected, the time span of the publication, the location of the article such as from the university library or a specific data bank, and the minimum length of the article in pages or in number of words. The student has to select the article very carefully so that it is neither too easy nor too difficult to critique.

The most efficient method of selection would be through keyword search. The keywords can be obtained from the course syllabus, the text book or the lecture notes. This will bring down the selection to a more manageable level and using the other criteria such as the length and difficulty level, three or four articles can be selected and a final article selected from these should offer enough scope for highlighting the positive and negative points as well as including the students own views.

Reading the article: while selecting the article, some reading may be involved. However, a thorough reading is necessary for gaining a proper understanding of the author’s viewpoints and also for analysis of the different aspects of the article from the author’s and the student’s perspectives.

What are the different parts of Article Critique writing?

Article critique is usually made up of three sections: the identification of the article, the summary and the student’s critique.

The bibliographic details of the article selected for the critique must be provided in the style and citation format required by the institution to allow proper identification of the article. The summary should be about two or three paragraphs touching on the most salient points of the article. The summary should be written in the students own words and not copied from the author.

The critique is actually the student’s interpretation of the author’s views and opinions expressed in the article. The arguments must be supported by relevant evidence from the article and also from other articles that are similar in nature. Whether the student agrees or disagrees with the author’s viewpoint, the other view should also be mentioned in the conclusion to render the critique more balanced and sensible. Revising and editing is as important as writing the critique to eliminate any errors.

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