Managerial Economics

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Definition of Managerial Economics

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Psychological Contract

What is Psychological Contract?

psychological contractPsychological contract can be defined as the employee’s feeling of mutual commitments and responsibilities between himself and his employer (Rousseau, 1998). The employer’s interest and concern in the challenges faced by the employee and the support that offered in the areas related to work as well as non-work serves to create a long-term bonding between the employer and the employee. This motivates the employee to return this concern and interest through commitment, loyalty and diligence (Hobson et al., 2001). Psychological contract is also an important factor in the work-life balance of the employee.

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Market Concentration

Definition of Market Concentration

Market concentration is defined as the degree to which the top firms in an industry occupy the market share. Maunder et al (1991) describe market concentration as: ‘The concentration ratio is the percentage of all sales contributed by the leading three or five, say, firms in a market’ (ibid, pg. 561).

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Pricing Practices

What are Pricing Practices?

pricing practices 1Pricing practices are used by manufacturers and retailers to attract more customers and increase their sales. Pricing practices can affect the consumer behaviour and their value perceptions. They do this through advertisements and offers such as discount sales, timed sales, bundle offers, online plans and so on. Pricing practices are aimed at reducing consumer search – meaning, the consumers are attracted to the offers or sales purchase the product without calculating the actual benefits that they have got and without searching for a better product or one with more desirable features in it.

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Definition of Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship can be defined as the method of utilising one’s individual creativity and inventiveness to bring in changes to an already existing business or to initiate a new business with a view to developing and expanding it and make it an economically profitable venture. Peter Drucker defines entrepreneurship as knowledge base and practice of this knowledge. Entrepreneurship is a module in that is often a topic for assignment writing.

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Competition Policy Changes

What are the Competition Policy Changes seen in the recent times?

competition policy changesCompetition policy changes are being noticed and made more often than before, mainly because of the globalisation factors such as the increase in the international trade, growth of foreign direct investment, and the opening up of trade and investment barriers across the world markets. For instance, there are changes in the regulations regarding mergers in the European Union.

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