Hip Hop Culture

What is Hip Hop Culture?

hip hop culture 1Hip Hop culture comprises mainly of four elements: emceeing (MC-ing), deejaying (DJ-ing), Breakdancing (breaking) and graffiti. There also other fringe elements associated with Hip Hop culture such as the trends in the clothing styles, the particular slang, rap music, and the over-all mind-set and attitude.

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Market Concentration

Definition of Market Concentration

Market concentration is defined as the degree to which the top firms in an industry occupy the market share. Maunder et al (1991) describe market concentration as: ‘The concentration ratio is the percentage of all sales contributed by the leading three or five, say, firms in a market’ (ibid, pg. 561).

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University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh: its Inception

University of EdinburghThe University of Edinburgh was established in I582, through a Royal Charter approved by James VI. This Charter paved the way for establishing an institution that was able to hold its own in the modern and advanced studies like science and medicine. The 1621 Act by the Scottish Parliament, and the Universities of Scotland Act of 1858 served to strengthen the rights and competence of the university and in the enhancement and regulation of its courses.

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Pricing Practices

What are Pricing Practices?

pricing practices 1Pricing practices are used by manufacturers and retailers to attract more customers and increase their sales. Pricing practices can affect the consumer behaviour and their value perceptions. They do this through advertisements and offers such as discount sales, timed sales, bundle offers, online plans and so on. Pricing practices are aimed at reducing consumer search – meaning, the consumers are attracted to the offers or sales purchase the product without calculating the actual benefits that they have got and without searching for a better product or one with more desirable features in it.

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Reading Intervention

What is Reading Intervention?

reading intervention 1Reading intervention refers to the special strategies that are used to improve the reading skills of children who are below the average in reading when compared to other children of their age group. Reading intervention can be used in the normal classrooms, special resource rooms or at home. Reading Intervention is usually an assignment writing topic for all students of Education and if you are looking for some custom help on this topic, visit our website.

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Crisis of Multiculturalism

What is Crisis of Multiculturalism?

crisis of multiculturalismThe Crisis of Multiculturalism mainly refers to the new issues that have arisen in Western countries as a result of the immigration of Eastern and people of other cultural backgrounds to earn their livelihood amongst them. The issues concerning people of ‘other’ cultures and their way of life are found undesirable by the Western Europeans and Americans which countries have large multicultural populations. This crisis of multiculturalism has escalated especially after the 9/11 World Trade Centre barracks. Crisis in Multiculturalism is a module in that is often a topic for assignment writing. If you like this sample, you may visit us and order a custom assignment.

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